Services & Conditions

I apply the naturopathic model to a wide variety of conditions with some areas of special interest listed below.  If you are wondering if I can help you with your condition, please contact me.



Services & Treatments Include

  • botanical medicine

  • diet & lifestyle counseling

  • physical medicine

  • craniosacral therapy

  • kineseo-taping

  • specialty lab testing

  • conventional lab testing

  • prescription management

  • bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

  • conventional exams with a naturopathic approach to treatment



Children’s wellness is central to our mission of growing healthy communities.  We assess your child’s nutritional status; genetic predispositions; and also are available for sick visits.  Providing your child with naturopathic care is vital to giving them the building blocks for optimal health throughout life.  Our treatment plans range from diet and lifestyle counseling to antibiotic prescriptions.


Healthy bodies, healthy pregnancies, healthy babies, healthy lives.  One in eight couples have difficulty conceiving; you are not alone.  Our environment is becoming increasingly polluted, making it more difficult for our endocrine systems to function optimally.  Paralleled with this, are the ever increasing stresses of modern-day life.  Through traditional and specialty testing, we determine if you have any imbalances and treat accordingly.  By taking a thorough case history, we determine at which point in conception you are having difficulty and work together to help you create a healthy family.  We are experienced working alongside a full healthcare team, including but not limited to traditional OBs; home birth midwives; IVF/REI specialists; acupuncturists and counselors.  We love working as an integral part of your fertility team.


Dr. Ambrose’s approach to Lyme Disease and co-infections involves an individually tailored combination of: detoxification, anti-microbial therapy (both botanical and pharmaceutical), nutritional therapy, exercise, counseling, and stress management. She believes in first establishing foundational health and patient empowerment and working together to help patients recover with ease. There is nothing that brings Dr. Ambrose more joy than seeing a patient enjoy optimal health, after having suffered for any amount of time.


Dr. Ambrose’s focus in working with patients who have a diagnosis of cancer includes 3 main facets.  1) Mitigate the side effects of conventional treatment 2) Potentiate the effects of treatment 3) Optimize post treatment overall health to prevent recurrence. She uses a variety of evidence based therapies to help you achieve the best possible outcome and works alongside other providers (medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, as well as genetic counselors and therapists). 


We want your golden years to be exactly that!  Embrace the grace that comes with age while we work to support you through the natural aging process.


Our passion is women’s health, and we proudly serve women of all ages.  Dr. Ambrose utilizes the full spectrum of health care in addressing women’s concerns, drawing from both conventional and alternative treatments. From natural and pharmacological solutions to common menopausal symptoms, to prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, menstrual irregularities, and hormonal problems, we look at each woman as a unique individual. We commonly prescribe bio-identical hormones, and are committed to maximizing the strengths of alternative and conventional medicine, while minimizing the weakness.


Virtual and in Person Appointments available

We offer visits in person and also virtually for your convenience.