What we do

We offer a variety of services to help you reach your health goals.  Ideally, we have you taking as few supplements and pharmaceuticals as necessary so that your lifestyle sustains your optimal health.  We find that small changes to diet and lifestyle can have a profound impact on health.



Clinical Specialties

Women’s Health
Children’s Health
Pre-conception & Fertility
Adjunctive Cancer Care
Gastrointestinal Health
Pain Management
Healthy Aging


Our goal is to guide you on your path to a healthier existence.  We believe that we are only as healthy as the community that surrounds us –  that starts with you!  You are the captain of your own ship; we serve to help navigate you on the course to better health.

We combine alternative and conventional medicine, in a practical and comprehensive way.  We treat short-term illness as well as chronic disease.  We help to prevent long-term disease by prescribing specific health maintenance plans to suit your individual needs and genetic predispositions.  

We work to empower you to become an active participant in your healthcare, making proactive decisions every day.  Our goal is for you to feel your best, so you have the energy you need to spend time doing what you love. 


“Christine is the most intuitive healthcare practitioner I've ever worked with. She is a wealth of knowledge and takes a personalized approach to developing a plan that makes the most sense for my physical health, while taking into consideration the demands of everyday life as well as my mental and emotional states. Christine does not overwhelm with supplements, but rather takes a step-wise approach to tackle issues in a prioritized way for optimal results.” 

- NM, New Castle, NH

“I feel so grateful to have found Dr. Ambrose. She is unlike any other doctor I’ve been to before. She does amazing craniosacral work and knows what’s going on with me in a deep sense. She listens in order to understand and makes me feel like she truly cares about my health and well-being. I follow her treatment plans and regimens because they work! I have improved my health by following a natural, holistic approach that speaks to my soul.”

- JT, Exeter, NH

“My experience at AIM has been everything I've hoped for--but seldom found--in the medical world. Dr. Ambrose's sensitive approach, thorough research, and clear explanations have convinced me that a patient and doctor can be true partners on the path to health. In addition to feeling empowered by my visits, I feel both lighter and stronger following my personalized plan of supplements and lifestyle adjustments. I cannot thank Dr. Ambrose enough for the improvement I've experienced in my overall physical and mental health.”

- AR, Portsmouth, NH